The Nobility of the Eastern European Spirit. Strada General H.M. Berthelot. Shot at Sala Radio, I first came here frequently with my dad when I was 5-6 years old. It is an oppulent, grand, historical monument, but to 5 year old me, it was my playground, a maze, a safe, comfortable place. When I was 10, I started school right next door, graduating in 2015. Now, a few friends from high school started a gallery on the same street.

The Magnificence of Familiar Feelings.

Placing myself in physically comfortable spaces. Ballroom attire.

Life as a Spectacle.

The need to be seen, grand, dramatic, taken to the extreme. The toxicity of unattainable status. Theatrical loungewear.

Corporate World Dissintegrating. Decaying Workforce. Abused by a Corporation then Let Go.

SS23 Credits:

Photography: Robert Antoniac
Makeup: Mihaela Cherciu
Hair: Sebastian Sârghie
Model: Andreea Friptu
EAM: Alexandra Șipa & Lucas Baker
Location: Liceul de Arte Plastice Nicolae Tonitza (Str. General H.M. Berthelot 56-58, București, Romania)